Niamh Doherty

Here Comes Summer…

In Supper on May 22, 2010 at 18:39

This is not so much a recipe, as a suggestion for a hot summer’s evening. Temperatures in the (for-once-aptly-named) sunny south-east hit the mid-twenties today, and seeing as I no longer have a garden, I suggested an impromptu barbeque in the local park. At the last minute, we got a fit of the is-this-legals, and we decided to cook at home instead. I didn’t make the burgers myself, but picked up some of the delicious Specially Selected Angus burgers in Aldi. They smelled delicious before they’d even hit the pan, so I knew we’d made a good choice.

I usually have to add fried onions and cheddar cheese to my burgers but, inspired by one that my friend Deanna had described in delicious detail recently, I picked up a log of goat’s cheese with which to top the patties, and added some halved baby plum tomatoes to the pan, too. I topped both burgers with goat’s cheese whilst still in the pan, and turned them cheese-side down for just a few seconds to melt the cheese slightly. I added salad leaves to my bun and accessorised dinner with glasses of cold, cold beer.

Here’s to summer!

  1. I can taste the summer in every word!

    On the legal front, I think you might get an irate park warden telling you to move on and you need to make sure you’re not starting a forest fire but otherwise you should be able to get away with it…

  2. In fairness, we were only going to use a small disposable BBQ, it’s not as though we were going to set a fire on dry grass or anything. Bloody nanny state!

  3. what a great summer sandwich!! I love the idea of goat cheese on the burger…wow….the flavor must have been phenomenal!

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