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A Cosmo for Carrie

In Drinks on May 29, 2010 at 20:50

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock on a remote desert island recently, you will have heard tell of a small-scale, low-budget movie called Sex and the City 2. I’ve always been a fan of SATC, to the point where I’d seen every episode at least twice but still insisted on hogging the TV everytime it was on. Cosmopolitans and Sex and the City have always been inextricably linked, but they share another common denominator; for me, at least – the magic of the female bond. The conquests, heartbreaks and loves of Carrie et al struck a chord with me, and many other women, as we recognised ourselves and our relationships in them. It didn’t matter whether you were a Big or an Aidan girl – all of us viewers shared the girls’ struggles, identified with their pain, and recognised those strong female bonds in our fellow, real-life girlfriends.

In late 2004, my best friend Dara and I were both struggling through painful break-ups. As I was living in Dublin at the time, we decided that the perfect cure-all for our suffering was a Girls’ Night Out. Dara caught the bus to Dublin, and I gathered the ingredients to make us some Cosmopolitans.

It must be pointed out at this stage that my judgment has always been a little clouded. On this particular night, however,  it was positively languishing beneath a thick blanket of emotional-turmoil-induced volcanic ash. What followed became known as “The Great Cosmopolitan Incident of 2004”, or, simply, “Cosmo Night”.

We started out with Cosmopolitans at my house, joined by my friend Aine and then housemate Lorraine, before getting a taxi into town. I had the GENIUS – or so I thought at the time – idea of making up enough Cosmo mixture to fill two plastic litre bottles to drink in the taxi on our way into town. This was a wonderful idea because a), we hadn’t drunk enough already (we really had), and b), we wouldn’t have to spend the entire, endless, stretching on for all eternity, whole TEN MINUTES in the taxi without a drink in hand (we really should have).

We swigged our way through the entire two litres of Cosmopolitan in record time, and made it into town, I stepped out of the taxi, and the fresh air hit me. HARD. It was only because I worked in the bar we headed to that we were allowed in, such was our (my) state of intoxication. They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but I then had yet ANOTHER genius idea – I was going to drink Jameson. Or was it Bacardi? It might as well have been arsenic. I broke at least one glass, made a total fool of myself in front of the guy I liked, and generally spread havoc wherever I went that night. I don’t remember getting home, but I do remember being violently ill when I got there. And for most of the next day. It was a good two years before I could look a Cosmopolitan in the eye, let alone actually stomach one. And yet, whenever I think of that night, or taste the sweetly sour hit of that shockingly pink drink, I remember our infamous Cosmo Night, and smile.

So I urge you, put on your glad rags, get the girls round, and make a batch of these. Swap stories, laugh, cry, and savour the company of your female friends. There is nothing more sacred, unbreakable or beautiful than the bonds of friendship that us women are lucky enough to share. Just don’t drink two litres of Cosmo in 10 minutes. Don’t be like me.




Vodka (I used Smirnoff Citrus for this, which gives it an extra-fresh taste)

Cointreau (Triple Sec or Curacao will do in a pinch, but Cointreau is best)

Cranberry Juice



1. For one Cosmopolitan, half-fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

2. Fill a shot measure 3/4 full of vodka, and top it up with Cointreau. Tip this into the cocktail shaker.

3. Add the juice of half a lime and 125ml of cranberry juice.

4. Shake it up, and strain it into a martini glass. I like to serve this with a lime slice to decorate the glass. Simply make a slit from the edge to the middle of a slice of lime, and sit it on the rim of your glass.

5. Drink and enjoy!

For a traditional Cosmpolitan, mix two parts lemon vodka to one part triple sec and combine with one part cranberry and the juice of half a lime. I prefer my version though, hope you do too – cheers!

  1. Hahaha that was a deadly post! Last night me and BBB made our own “cocktails” by pushing jellies down into our 89c prosecco bottles. We are posh like that. We were so sick after it we had to lie side by side on the single bed cos if we turned on our sides we were sure to puke hahah! Good times!

  2. I love it – like a downmarket version of Skittle Vodka!

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