Niamh Doherty


Hello, and welcome to The Loving Spoonful! I’m Niamh, I’m 31 years old, and I live in Ireland’s sunny south-east. When I’m not actively eating/writing/talking/thinking about food, I love to run, see movies, go to the theatre, see live music, catch up with friends over drinks, shop for vintage clothes, travel and practise my skating for my other passion – roller derby! My day job is an editor at a transcription company, but I hope to get into the food business some day. In the meantime, I started this blog to give me an outlet for my love of all things food-related. I’m hoping it will encourage me to cook and bake more, and especially to try my hand at new recipes.

I come from a family of great cooks – my mother makes the best Sunday dinners in the universe, and my friends book her brown bread in advance before coming to visit. My paternal grandmother turned out delicious fruit tarts and the lightest Victoria sponges on a daily basis, regularly cooking for 10 or more people without batting an eyelid. Her daughters, my aunts, also have her gift for baking, and some of my fondest childhoood memories relate to eating their food. When I’m not eating, I’m devouring cookery books or talking enthusiastically about new recipes. I adore having a full house, and a groaning table, and believe that friends, love and laughter are the best ingredients of all.

  1. good writing, thought you might want to know where we took the name on this side of the world. karen long

  2. I just read your bio and see that you spent some time in Bellingham – I have a very good friend from there, she’ll be delighted when I tell her!

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