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A Simple Summer Salad, Side, or Snack

In Lunch, Snack, Supper on June 19, 2013 at 19:58


I don’t even know what to say anymore. I am officially the Worst Blogger Ever. In fact, let’s just forget I even blog, and that way we can all be pleasantly surprised when I actually do. Okay? Okay.

I threw this dish together earlier as I wanted something healthy but tasty to tide me over ’til dinner. It’s scarcely even a recipe, but it was delicious, and honestly I have Blogger Guilt and decided that my poor followers needed SOMETHING, no matter how haphazard.

It feels a bit silly listing the “ingredients” for this – it’s a dish of components more than anything else. It is ludicrously quick and easy to put together. You could, of course, roast, peel and chop your own beetroot. And if you wanted to make it even fancier, lay it all on a bed of mixed leaves, before adding some roasted peppers, chargrilled chicken, and balsamic dressing. This is not a so much a clear-cut recipe as it is a jumping-off point. I ate this as a quick snack on its own but it would make a lovely summer salad or side dish. I have one proviso, though, and that is: you do need to toast the pinenuts. A dish as simple as this,and with so few ingredients, needs to be perfectly balanced. The sweet, earthy beetroot contrasts with the soft, sharp feta, which in turn needs the crunch of pinenuts to tie it all together. If you lazily skip a step, it won’t taste as good. So, toast your pinenuts. And if the Laziest Cook In The World instructs you to absolutely do something, you know that it’s both necessary, and worth it.

Beetroot, Feta & Pinenut Salad

Serves 1; all measurements are approximate


1 large cooked beetroot

30g of feta cheese, crumbled

15g of pinenuts


1. Put an unoiled pan on a low to medium heat. Add the pinenuts and toss occasionally. Keep a close eye on them as they burn easily. When golden, remove from the pan and set aside.

2. Chop the beetroot into bite-size pieces.

3. Lay the beetroot onto a plate or serving dish, scatter over the feta, and top with the toasted pinenuts.

Serves one.



Here Comes Summer…

In Supper on May 22, 2010 at 18:39

This is not so much a recipe, as a suggestion for a hot summer’s evening. Temperatures in the (for-once-aptly-named) sunny south-east hit the mid-twenties today, and seeing as I no longer have a garden, I suggested an impromptu barbeque in the local park. At the last minute, we got a fit of the is-this-legals, and we decided to cook at home instead. I didn’t make the burgers myself, but picked up some of the delicious Specially Selected Angus burgers in Aldi. They smelled delicious before they’d even hit the pan, so I knew we’d made a good choice.

I usually have to add fried onions and cheddar cheese to my burgers but, inspired by one that my friend Deanna had described in delicious detail recently, I picked up a log of goat’s cheese with which to top the patties, and added some halved baby plum tomatoes to the pan, too. I topped both burgers with goat’s cheese whilst still in the pan, and turned them cheese-side down for just a few seconds to melt the cheese slightly. I added salad leaves to my bun and accessorised dinner with glasses of cold, cold beer.

Here’s to summer!